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    The Haven Christian Centre is the church for the Heatherton Estate and our vision is:

    "To be a people whose love for Christ and one another overflows into a joyful sharing of the Good News with our community and with all those whom God gives us a unique opportunity to reach."
    Our Sunday service is at 10:30 am.  For more details please follow the links to our 'Calendar' page.
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    Martin Knight (Pastor)

    Christmas message from Martin:

            Bob Hope used to tell a story about his dad tearing an extra day off the calendar on Christmas Eve and when Bob and his siblings came down on Christmas morning his dad would point to the calendar and say “look it’s December 26th , where have you kids been?You’ve missed Christmas! Now of course they hadn’t missed Christmas, but George Mason did! George was a very successful single businessman running his own company. On Christmas Eve after working his normal 12-hour day he went to his huge walk in vault to get some extra cash, when suddenly the vault door closed behind him. He was there all Christmas Eve and Day;  On Boxing Day one of his employees unlocked the vault but never looked in. George managed to go home unseen, washed and changed clothes. When he returned to his office, he discovered that he hadn’t been missed. Nobody even bothered to ask how he had spent Christmas.! In the Gospels we find people who had been looking forward to the birth of our Saviour and missed the event. The Innkeepers in Bethlehem possibly too busy, in fact most of the residents of Bethlehem just crowded Jesus out due to their busy lives. The Religious Leaders of the day missed the birth of Jesus, apparently consumed with all the activities, ceremonies, rituals and legal minutiae. They were so caught up in the externals of religion that they had abandoned the heart of their faith. King Herod missed the birth due partly to his desire to please man, trying to gain favour with Rome. But he also missed Jesus’ birth because he was fearful and did not want to lose his position as king. So, several people missed that first Christmas: the innkeepers, those people so busy that they gave up the opportunity to welcome the Christ child; Herod, who was so selfish that he foolishly ruled his own life instead of yielding his allegiance to the King of Kings and even the religious leaders of the day, people who were so involved in religious ritual that they were oblivious to the God they claimed to serve. And still today people-people like you and me- repeat their mistakes and miss Christmas as well. But in scripture there is a glorious promise.“all Who received [JESUS], to those who believed in His name, He gave the right to become children of God children born not of natural descent, nor of human decision or a husband’s will, but born of God. ” This Christmas will you help your friends and family to claim that promise? Believe — put their faith in Jesus. Repent of their sin andfollow Him as Saviour and as Lord. Jesus is still the best Christmas gift, let us share Him this Christmas.




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